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The word tipi (also teepee or tepee) consists of the following Sioux words: ti= accommodation and pi= to live

A tipi consists of a pole stand and a semicircular canvas cover. The canvas cover will be put on the pole stand and the overlapping front side is sticked together with small wooden poles. This ensures the typical cone form with a circular base of 3 to 7 meters. There is a smoke outlet with two smoke flaps at the front of the tipi which are held from behind by two poles. Beneath the smoke outlet is a fireplace and the bottom is covered with tarps and fur. The canvas cover is anchored to the ground with plugs. This ensures that it´s stressed tight and bears up against high wind.

In the inner tipi you can often find a lining. It´s tied to the inside of the poles and goes up to one and a half or two meters. We strongly recommend the use of a lining as this makes the tipi a comfortable place to be. It prevents drafts and stops rain dripping from the poles. It creates an insulating barrier and helps to draw smoke from the fire upward and out of the smoke flaps.

As a rain shield you can use an ozan. The ozan will be fastened above the lining. Through the overlapping of both the rainwater can drain off behind the lining. In severe weather the ozan can be used to stop any raindrops from reaching the living area and as long as a gap is left for the smoke to escape it can also help to further insulate the living space. You could also use a rain cover, which will be fastened outside the tipi, above of the poles, so the rainwater can drain off outside the tent.

We provide different sizes of tipis, 3 meters up to 9 meters or more according to requirements. Important is the whole purpose of the tipi, if you would like to use it as a living tent, it is ample to build a tipi with a size till 6 or 7 meters. If you need a tipi for events or as a highlight for your hotel or restaurant you could use a bigger tipi.

Our tipis consist of 100 % natural cotton or a blended fabric of 50% cotton and 50% polyester. All of our canvas is water and rot resistant and very durable.

We like to provide advise concerning:

  • Material
  • Tent anchoring
  • Custom-fit fabrication of the cover, lining and ozan
  • Interior

With only a little exercise the construction of your tipi will be easy to handle. And as soon as the fire is set alight, there will be nothing more enjoyable than living in the greater outdoor.