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F: How high is the postage for my tent?

A: The postage depends on the sort and the size of the tent as well as on the place of delivery. Till 30 kg the postage within Germany is 10 € and within the EU 25 €. The price is per package. If the package weights over 30 kg, we will try to divide the goods into more packages. If this is not possible, we will send per express company. Here we choose the cheapest way of delivering.

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F: The transport of poles?

A: Poles are sent only with a maximum of a pole length of 6 m (19.69 ft) (it’s a 4.5 m tepee) (14.76 ft) with forwarder. From a pole length of more than 6 m (19.69 ft) (from 5 m tepee) (16.40ft) the transport of poles is still possible but cost-intensive. From this pole length we will deliver your tent with costs to you or you can also pickup the tent by yourself.

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F: How are the measures/dimensions?

A: The measures/dimensions are different depending on the tent and the size.

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F: How heavy will my tent be? The total weight?

A: The weight of a tent depends on the size and on the weight of the canvas.

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F: How long do I need to build up a tent?

A: If you work after the instruction of installation, which we send with each tent, and when you are trained a little bit you should have built up a tent within a short time together with some assistants.

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F: How can I care for my tent?

A: Basically store the tent dry, look after good ventilation and pack it the way that mice don’t get it. Please tighten the tent so that water can drain off without problems. Brush off the cover from time to time. If there are speckles please let them dry first and then you can try to brush them off. Should this not work use lukewarm water. Please do not use soap or other chemical means otherwise the canvas looses it’s hydrophobic character. If the speckles don’t let remove you can also use a special cleaning supplies. In such a case please contact us. Keep fat away from the canvas because fat destroys the water resistance too. Pack the accessories separately from the tent so that the tent can’t be damaged.

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F: What do I do when my tent is becoming green?

A: Our tents are impregnated to prevent alga infestation. But over the years there can be nevertheless an alga infestation, because „a tent lives with the nature“. Alga does not have a destructive effect, only an optical detraction. If the discolouring is green it’s only alga, if black it’s fungal attack and if the covering is green-black it is alga and fungal attack. This infestation you can combat with fumigating (please only greenery) or vinegar water. If these economic variants shouldn’t help you have to use chemical aid. In this case please contact us before.

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F: How many poles do I need and to what do I have to pay attention to?

A: For a tepee you need:

  • 13 – 17 poles – there from: 2 for the smoke flaps (maybe a bit shorter)
  • 1 lifting pole
  • 3 poles for the three-pole base
  • the rest is for the rack

material: spruce/pine/bamboo or other wood which grows straight, peeled and without snags

length: ca. 1 – 1.5 m (3.28 - 4.92ft) longer than the aperture of the tepee, e.g. for a 4 m (13.12ft) tepee ca. 5 – 5.5 m (16.40 - 18.04ft) long poles, at the bottom ca. 6 – 8 (2.36 - 3.15in) strong, at the top preferably a small aperture (3 – 5 cm), don’t cut the top

the care of the poles

once or twice in the year a bit oiling or waxing, as possible store dry (put horizontal or vertical)

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F: What’s an ozan?

A: The Sioux “ozan” is a kind of a cover, which stretches out over the lining and which is fixed up diagonally. The ozan is used as a cover over the bedsides. The rain, which could come through the smoke hole into the tent, drops on the ozan and drains off behind the lining. So you can make sure that your tepee is dry inside. Furthermore you can hang a curtain on the ozan so that there is more privacy in the rear part of the tepee.

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F: Why do I need lining?

A: The lining protects against dampness inside the tent, minimizes the drafts in the tent and insulates against cold and wet weather.

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F: What does belong to the accessories?

A: The accessory contains wooden pins to anchor the cover, rope for the pole network and lacing pins for the closing of the cover and pegs.

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F: How do I bind the poles, which rope do I have to use?

A: The way of binding the poles can you take from the instruction of installation which we send with each tepee. If there should still be questions you can give us a call.

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F: Which effect does fire have on the fabric of the tepee?

A: After a while the inside of the tepee over the fire will change colour because the fabric absorbs the pigments of the smoke. Nevertheless the tannic acid and the oils of the smoke help to dry the tent and make even more hydrophobic and resistant against aging. With a continuous firing you can make the cover more durable and therefore also hydrophobic and at the same time flexible and soft. The darkening in the high inner part of the tepee and on the inside of the smoke flaps makes the look of the tepee even more authentic.

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F: Which kind of floor do I use inside the tepee?

A: The costs, the mobility and the longevity play an important role concerning the selection of the floor for the tepee. If you want a permanent installation of the tepee a wooden construction or a tent carpet, which you lay out with a little space around the fire place, are suited the best. By a mobile application of the tepee a tarpaulin or a canvas cover is enough.

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F: How do I use the smoke flaps to control the circulation inside the tepee?

A: The aim of the smoke flaps is to deflect the wind from the outside to different sides, so that air movement inside the tepee can be avoided. To achieve this effect the smoke flaps have poles and rope. Each smoke flap can be adapted to the wind independent which guarantees a maximum of versatility. There are endless positions and placements of the smoke flaps. Nevertheless there are some positions with which the ventilation can be controlled the best and with which the tepee looks nice. If it’s windless you can install the smoke flaps like you want. If the wind comes from the back please position the smoke flaps the way that they are in a direct line with the wind. With this the air can pass with a minimum of swirl. If the wind blows from the right or the left side you can position the smoke flaps away from the wind so that the air can pass above the surface of the smoke flaps without getting into the tepee. If the wind comes directly into the smoke flaps or rain is announced please move one of the smoke flap poles at first. Therefore you have to loose the rope from the peg, then you have to move the smoke flap pole from the back to the front and put the head of the pole between the canvas of the other smoke flap and the „neck“ of the tepee poles. If the smoke flap rope leans against the neck of the pole stage you can move the head as far as possible back as the canvas allows.

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F: How high is the entrance of a tepee/ play tepee?

A: The height of the entrance is from 1.20 – 1.35 m (3.94 - 4.43ft) concerning the tepee. The play tepee has a height of entrance from 0.70 – 1.05 m (2.30 - 3.44ft).

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