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The tents sold by us are produced in our own factory.

The canvas is made of high-quality materials and suitable for the further processing in various ranges of application. Through our long-time experience we know that impregnated material fits best to our customers needs. Real Tipi fans can also order a tent of untreated cotton and fumigate it themselves but we always recommend impregnated material because it is a lot more durable.

The impregnation lasts for 2 – 3 years depending on operating life. After this time we recommend to reimpregnate the tents.

A fireplace in the Tipi is very romantic and improves the durability. The care instructions should be followed.

If nothing else was declared or arranged we use the following fabric quality: 100% cotton, natural, hydrophobic and impregnated against rottenness, cover ca. 420 – 550 g/m² inner tent ca 300g/m²

Normally Shelter and Tour Tipi are made of a lighter quality (350g/m²).

Please take into consideration that a tent made from cotton "lives" with the nature. It’s normal that it changes its colour according to its surrounding.

To confine this attribute we can use blended fabric (50%cotton, 50% polyester), 100% synthetic or coloured canvas if desired.

The cotton in the canvas

Cotton is a familiar and natural product with established advantages. For this reason cotton has always been a fundamental component for canvas. It is solid and possesses optimal air permeability and a moisture regulating character.

Because of the impregnation with hydrophobic and soil-resisting remedies the canvas can cope with contraries weather conditions for years. We have different weight categories and two different colours, so that the canvas can be worked in different types of tents. Furthermore the canvas is available with a fire retardant character.

The tents are also available in blended fabric quality. This fabric is the best of the two different fabrics because of the optimal connection of 50% cotton and 50% polyester. The air permeability and the moisture regulating character of the cotton come into it’s own. At the same time the polyester, which is very strong and durable, makes the fabric extremely solid. Tents of this fabric are also available with a fire retardant character.


The tent should always be stressed in the right way to make sure that the water can drain off. The canvas should be brushed down regularly with a not too hard brush. The mud flap can be wiped with a clammy cloth. Should there be any blots on the canvas please ensure that they are dry before brushing them off. Shouldn’t that lead to any success tepid water can be used but always without any chemicals.

There is also the possibility of buying a cleanser at your local tent specialist.

To avoid mildew the tent should always be stored at a dry and well aerated place.

During the first heavy rain it’s possible that a bit water drops through. That’s normal and should happen only when the tent experiences the first heavy rain because the cotton fiber have to close what makes them leakproof.


The tent should always be clean and dry when being packed. Shouldn’t that be possible the tent has to be unpacked and spread out for drying within the next 24 hours, otherwise the accumulation of so called damps is possible. Damps are no dirt –like often assumed- but mildew. The tent should be packed in a cotton pack sack which ensures proper aeration.

The cotton pack sack shouldn’t be washed with soap or other chemical substances because they harm the canvas.

Equipment should always be stored apart from the canvas.